Mended Hearts, Inc. is an extended support group for heart patients and caregivers. Heart disease doesn't discriminate. It's the #1 killer of men and women of all ages, of all ethnicities and social backgrounds.

For 60 years, Mended Hearts has been offering the gift of hope and encouragement to heart patients, families and caregivers… bringing all of us together to form a network of caring individuals.

Our mission is to "inspire hope I heart disease patients and their families." Beginning with the youngest heart patients to the eldest, we are here to provide hope, inspiration and support.

Everyone is invited to our meetings! It's a great time for you and your caretaker(s) to learn how to take better care of you after your heart attack and/or surgical procedure.

Please feel free to visit any one of our satellite locations.

If you have any questions about Chapter 38, please call our Hotline at 832-355-4160.
(Please record your message giving your name, phone number and reason for calling. The Hotline Coordinator will be checking frequently throughout the day.)

(Click on the links located on the left side of this screen to view meeting times and locations of a satellite.)

Please call or email any Contact or Staff member if you have questions or need additional information.

It's great to be alive...
and to help others.

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Mended Little Hearts is a support program for parents of children with heart defects and/or heart disease.
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Please meet Chapter 38's most recent scholarship recipient - Caroline Guerrero. After completing prerequisite courses at Texas State University, Caroline transferred to Blinn College in Bryan, TX, to pursue Nursing. Upon graduation in May 2017, she will have her RN license. Caroline would like to accomplish many personal goals with her degree including: working extensively in the operating room, participating in LifeFlight or Search and Rescue type operations, and reaching out to help educate communities all over the world. She believes that helping people understand their own bodies can help promote their own health and deter future illness. Caroline thanks Mended Hearts in helping her further her education to achieve these goals.
Identifications left to right: JoAnn Coleman, Seena John, Bernice Ware, Jason Grover,  Caroline Guerrero, Tom Hoar, Martha Barnard, Norris Barnard.